Half-Life 2: CTF

Half-Life 2: CTF 2.1

Half-Life 2 CTF has all the fun you expect from a Capture The Flag game

It seems that almost every first-person shooter must have a Capture The Flag mod. Half-Life 2 is no exception: almost as soon as the game was out, there was a Capture The Flag mod in development. The thing that makes CTF games so popular online is that the gameplay provides you with a simple objective that still allows you to work in a team, and blow enemies up. However the guys that created the mod for Half-Life came up with some nice ideas to make the game interesting. You have three weapons, a pistol/machine gun hybrid, an OICW assault rifle with grenade launcher, and a sniper rifle. As in any CTF game you join one of two teams - Combine or Rebels.There are three types of maps, Capture the Flag (or its alternative, capture the team's football), One Flag where a team has to capture a central flag and take it home. Then there is Domination, which is to grab a flag and hold it for the longest amount of time. Throughout the level you have several power ups that will increase your health and damage your opponent's health. The team also added some "pro" movements like bunny hopping, wall jump and rocket jump. In all this mod is great for some quick, blow-them-up action.

Ismael Mireles
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